Sometimes, the best way to help our kids is not to help them.

When our kids were young, we spent a lot of time organizing their days. Full disclosure, I often organized playdates as a way to get my son and me out of the house! 😆

But somewhere along the line, I found myself answering the daily question “What are we going to do today?”. I felt like I needed to have an answer that provided purpose and meaning to the day. The conversations went something like this, “Hey mom, what are we doing today?”, “The usual, chores and homework.”, “Yeah, but then what?”

And that is where my trouble began. I felt honored that my kid wanted to hang out with me, so I crafted a day that sprinkled fun with the mundane.

The trouble was, I was too good at it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

My son lost his ability to entertain himself and developed a habit of looking to others to amuse him. I learned the hard way, you don't have to.

Instead of creating a plan to "cure" the boredom, give them the list below for ideas on how to entertain themselves. Enjoy!

Don't give your child a screen when they are bugging you.  Give them this list to pass the time.

Download the list

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