If you are like me, spring is a time where your energy comes back and you don't dread the thought of some house cleaning projects.

This year, consider dividing the list up and handing some of the tasks to your kids.

No, they will probably not be excited at the prospect.  No, they won't do as good a job as you.  But remember, your job is to teach them how to be an adult.  Adults have a responsibility to maintain their living space.  They don't sit on the couch and watch as others serve them.

How can you make it fun?  Let them be the DJ and pick the tunes while you clean or have a special treat or activity to celebrate a job well done.  

What if they do a bad job?  This one is always tough for me, as I have been accused of being a perfectionist.  ;-)  What I have learned is that the goal is for my kids to learn responsibility and hard work.  And, if they have taken on the task and given it their best effort, then I have to let the results go.  I have a hilarious picture of my kids standing tall by a bush they "trimmed".  They were so proud.  And you know what....that bush grew back and they learned they can do hard things.  That is a win in my book.

This spring put some responsibility on your kid's shoulders, their Future Self will be glad you did.

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