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👀Beyond Personal Finance Preview!👀

Come on in to a sample of our class portal where you can see for yourself what makes us unique.

Inside this portal, you will see instructional videos, assignments, games and much more!

Our "Future You" simulation approach to teaching teens about money and their future, is fun and transformative.  Even the most skeptical teen will love it.  Come see.

For any questions, please reach out to us HERE.

Warmly, Charla & team❤️

What People Are Saying:

BPF was a great experience for our whole family! It was easy to use and provided such a good learning tool for our high school student! We loved the situational approach and the eye opening spreadsheet showed our student the effects of her choices in a very tangible way! I can not recommend this product enough!!


I found Beyond Personal Finance years ago and wanted to bring it to the youth in my life. I was able to get the online version and guide the youth in my life with their own workbooks for a few weeks. It is all self explanatory and I was able to show my group how to prepare for and plan ahead for a great way to manage their money. Everything was spRead more about review stating Joint mission for kidselled out and clear as to how to use the examples and discover for themselves what the costs of "adulting" would be. I feel this course allowed them to understand what was going to be happening once they reached more independence. The key element of the course that they all enjoyed was how it took them from newly being an adult all the way through retirement. They were able to also then understand a bit more about how adults in their lives manage money and such. I recommend this course to anyone i know who has kids


My son took this course in middle school and it really helped him understand personal finance from earning money, to bills one has to pay in life, to investing, saving, and credit card pitfalls. Highly highly recommend***


We loved this class and learned so many useful and needed things! Would totally recommend it.


My 2 sons took this course while one was a senior, the other was in 9th grade. They were both irritated at the cost of living they experienced in the class. They went into the class believing they would live an easy life with the nicest homes and cars because they are smart and will automatically have great jobs. They were frustrated to find that Read more about review stating Excellent dose of realitythey couldn't afford the fancy things they dreamed of because of student debt, health expenses, and various things beyond their control. The cost of children, housing, cars, and the potential of additional student debt added by a spouse were concepts that brought a strong dose of reality to what had been uncomplicated dreams. Both of my boys gained an appreciation for how expensive it is to have a family, and they became more appreciative of the comforts and experiences we have given them. I plan to use this course for all of my kids as they get old enough. I think it is good for any high schooler, but I feel it is best for 10th or 11th grade, as students are starting to look at college and career training paths. This course allows students to feel the stress of student debt and poor financial choices, which is good, and may help them make wiser choices about their college plans. Specifically, my oldest son was determined to go to a college out of state, but after he felt the burden of student debt through this course, he decided to attend an in-state school that offered him a better scholarship and a much smaller student loan. There is no amount of me advising him against the expensive college that would have changed his mind, because he needed to see the problem for himself, which is what this class allowed him to do. Now, he is entering his 3rd year at the in-state school and he is thriving, has an RA position which reduces costs further, works at school to avoid taking a student loan, and is working 50+ hours a week this summer so that he can save money, with a lofty goal of saving 15,000 by graduation. I don't know that he will save that much, but I know he is careful with money and understands the need to work hard and save. Much of his motivation to save and work hard came from this course, and I would recommend it strongly to every high school student.