Prepare the child for the path...

not the path for the child

The weight of adult responsibility is heavy: feeding yourself nutritious meals, keeping your clothes clean and stain-free, keeping your living space inhabitable, making wise financial decisions, keeping your mind and body healthy and active, just to name a few.

Most parents put the transfer of responsibility off for too long. Only when their child starts to look more like an adult, do they realize preparation for the next season is needed.

The trouble is, the teen years are not conducive to teaching.

Let’s face it, most teens are not eager to sit at our feet and learn how to cook, clean, budget or exercise.

No matter the age, a body (and mind) does not do well when a tremendous weight is laid upon it without the slow buildup of muscle needed to carry that weight.

So, what do I recommend? I call it the Responsibility Roadmap.

As your children age, they should pick up more of the responsibility for themselves so that by the time they are ready to leave your house, they have all the training and practice they need to succeed on their own.

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What does your teen's financial future look like? 

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I wrote Beyond Personal Finance to help my son avoid the hard lessons I learned in my 20s. 

This curriculum is a fun and interactive simulation of ages 22-42 using real adult choices and real adult budgets.  In one semester, your teen will be transformed.  Come see.

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